Travel Marketing Website SEO Case Study



Launch a website that would bring in new customers for our main services (SEO) and position Travel Tractions to rank for “Travel Marketing Agency”. We plan to rank #1 for “Travel Marketing Agency” when we feel more confident in our overall marketing and can deliver services worth the #1 spot.



We had to launch a new website in one of the most competitive niches “Marketing”. We niched down and wanted to rank for “Travel Marketing Agency” and other small key terms what would bring in new clients. As content was the lowest price and easierst for busineses to work with us, we went after “content” related keywords first.


Jan 2018 – July 2019


We rank #1 for “content writing for travel websites” and many other keywords as well as ranking #4 for “Travel marketing Agency” brining in qualified new clients and leads from all over the world.

Services and Skills used

Keyword Research

We analyse the keywords of your domain and see where you biggest opportunities lie

Link Check

We check your links and strength of your domain. We analyze how you should improve your links profile

Structure Audit

We analyze your website structure and make sure it's correct and helping your SEO efforts

Performance Check

We look at the performance, check if its doing well and explain if it can improve

Speed Anaysis

We check your speed and indicate if you need to make optimizations to enhance user performance

Targeting Anaysis

We check your targeting of your content, keywords, links and strategy and give external insights and advice

Error Check

Our check will pick up any critical errors on your site that hinder your sites performance

Idea and Strategy

Get ideas and insights from our audit and brainstorm and strategy with us

Campaign Results


YoY Increase in Organic Users

The website organic traffic increased from 228 organic users a month to 1364 users a month


YoY Increase in Page Views

The website page views increased from 152 to 2645 page views


YoY Increase in Organic Leads

The website leads increased from 4 to 22 leads a month