On-page SEO Optimization for Travel Websites

Unsure of how to optimize your online presence?

Have your web pages analyzed and optimized by our SEO specialists.

We employ effective on-page SEO strategies to improve Search Engines ability to understand your pages, increase relevant traffic, revive old content and help your content rank higher in search results.

On-page SEO for:

  • Travel websites
  • Online booking sites
  • Tourism offices
  • Hotel chains
  • Accommodation sites
  • Travel agency websites
  • Airline comparison sites
  • Influencers & bloggers

You get:

  • Keyword Research
  • Targeted URL
  • Link opportunities
  • Affiliate suggestions
  • Additional content writing
  • Customised SEO techniques for improved user engagement
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We’ll do the research

We conduct research through Google Search Console or other keyword research like competitor page keyword mining

We evaluate your web pages

Once we know where improvements can be made, we optimize your web page offline for you to review

Report & finalization

Review the optimization in a Google Drive folder, which you can access, download and implement the changes on your site

Review & Finalization

You review it and decide if it meets your expectations

Added extra

We can upload and optimize straight to your site (WordPress only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to optimize my pages?

A: Sometimes content is written with limited tools, data and knowledge. We go in and use data and tools to get the best possible information, and then use our years of experience to optimize the page.

Q: Is it guaranteed to rank?

A: No, to be honest we can’t guarantee it to rank, but we don’t like it when we are not successful, so you could ask us to make tweaks (after 3 months and before 6 months) and we will be happy to oblige!

Q: Should I optimize existing web pages, or just start from scratch with new content?

A: Fresh new content definitely has its place but updating your existing content, which is already crawled, indexed and probably ranking reasonably well, will save you time. Thin content can actually hurt your ranking in search engines too.

Q: Will you implement the changes on my site?

A: No and yes, we will provide you with access to a Google Drive folder, which includes keyword research, images and an optimized copy of your web page that you can download and update on your site. If you want us to implement the changes on your site there is a small additional fee.

Q: Will I see an increase in organic traffic straight away?

A: Some do, but it can take a couple of weeks or months to see the true increase.

Q: What’s the turnaround time for optimizations?

A: Depending on the size of your order, optimizations will take 3 – 30 working days.

Q: How long will it take for my web page to rank?

A: Google takes about 3 weeks to calibrate changes but on average, it will take approximately 3 months for optimized content to really get a better desired result.

Q: How do I know if the on-page SEO changes worked?

A: You will need to monitor the web page periodically through Google Search Console to record its performance.

Q: Do you add content to the website and how much?

A: Most of the time, but it honestly depends. Some articles need more content, which we try to add when we see this (to a maximum of 250 words) but some content may need more images, or better formatting and/or better external links.

Q: What do I get with the report?

A: You get an excel sheet with the keywords, optimizations, meta description and a title suggestion, as well as a report on how many links Ahrefs thinks you need to rank on the first page and a estimate of the amount of words the article needs.

On-page SEO Packages

Content optimization Travel Tractions

Small Optimization

Keyword research

5 posts

Turnaround time: 3-5 days

WordPress upload add $50

Deep Optimization + adding content

Deep Optimization

Keyword research

10 posts

Turnaround time: 6-10 days

WordPress upload add $90

Large Optimization + adding content

Large Optimization

Keyword research

20 posts

Turnaround time: 12-20 days

WordPress upload add $175

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