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Our Mission

Travel Tractions strives to be known as the best travel marketing company in the world, not for its clients and who it serves, but for success it creates.

We stand against the mistreatment of animals and the environment, and support an ethical tourism industry that enriches and uplifts communities – working with those that strive for the same goal.


Travel Tractions was born from a necessity to offer a better SEO and digital marketing service, and actually help businesses.

Having been a travel SEO marketer and consultant for 10 years, Matt found there was no specific travel SEO service that explained exactly what they offered… and delivered. Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork became tiresome to manage, with flakey freelancers and expensive mistakes. Fed up with paying other peoples’ “school fees”, Travel Tractions was created.

You will never get sold something that we don’t know how to do. We believe in getting you a positive ROI on your marketing investment and will do everything in our power to do so, or we won’t take you on at all.

Right now we believe we are one of the best SEO travel marketing agencies in the world, working to build a full-service marketing team in all aspects of the marketing process.

We currently only offer SEO related services to the public but are working on website development, PPC, social media, and CRM, hoping to hire strategic individuals who are specialists in these areas strengthen our service offerings into a more holistic approach.

Travel Tractions Team

Our small team is filled with journalists, travel agents, bloggers, ex-teachers, marketers, designers, strategists and world travellers. We have experienced first-hand the problems businesses in this industry run into, as well as the pitfalls some face while exploring the world and marketing their websites.


Matt has done marketing for travel and tourism for over a decade. His first love is SEO, with entrepreneurship hotter on its heels than a girlfriend. When he is not looking up flights back to Asia you can find him in the garden, making excuses to walk Rusty, strategizing with the team and tinkering on sites until the early morning.

Matthew Davison

Head Strategist / Day Dreamer

After studying media and production, Candice dived straight into the working world, gaining experience in the media and digital sphere. She enjoys bobbing in the water, surprising herself by catching a wave every now and then. Her chronic cabin fever regularly finds her escaping to various corners of the world, documenting her experiences on her travel blog.

Candice Land

Account Manager / World Explorer

Panashe is a tech lover. From graphic design to web creation, he uses his imaginative mind to bring beautiful designs to life. During his spare time, you will find him playing soccer and video games or trying to gain some muscles in the gym.


Head of Design

Tyla is a content writer with a keen interest in SEO. She's always had a love for language, and has been fortunate enough to find a career path to hone that skillset. She's lucky enough to share that passion with colleagues and travellers across the globe. When she's not working at her desk, you'll find her with her nose in a book, or taking a stroll along the beach.


SEO Strategist
Rusty-marketing-dog (1)

No one offers a better morning greeting than our loveable office furball. The team was asked to vote for new additions to our office, and an office dog won hands down. Beating typically cool agency items like coffee machines, table tennis, and beanbags. Rusty has since adopted said bean bags as his own. And if he’s not kicking back on one of them, he’s usually begging for a beach walk or hiding from intruders.


Support Assistant / Security

After several years living, studying, and travelling in Europe, Alistair returned home to Cape Town to forge his career. He’s an enthusiastic, forward-facing strategist who loves growing things and helping others along the way. Outside of the Travel Tractions office, you’ll find him writing music, crafting audio for films, or getting active in the Cape Town sun.


SEO Strategist
Tammi-travel-tractions (1)

Always excited by new opportunities and forward-thinking ideas, Tammi started her career in eLearning development, but soon found that content marketing was her real passion. When she’s not working on passion projects, or adding new books to her TBR list, you’ll find her gathering quirky notebooks and pens from Typo and enjoying good coffee at every chance she gets.


Managing Editor
katja-travel-tractions-profile (1)

An enthusiastic writer and strategist, Katja likes to try her hand at most things. When she's not at her computer, you'll find her outdoors, slathered in sunscreen and trying repeatedly to accomplish something new. Right now its climbing. She loves to travel, but prefers if the destination is as warm as her home town.


SEO Strategist

Being an English and Philosophy graduate, Alex loves spending her days typing away and getting lost in creative projects. As well as having a passion for writing, Alex is striving towards mastering her design and SEO skills. When she’s not online, you’ll find her petting any animal she can get her hands on, planning trips around South Africa, and discovering the best coffee shops.


Content Creator

As our client base grows even larger, we're getting more and more requests to manage social media, and social media campaigns. We're looking for some with a little experience, and a great passion for social media. If this sounds like you, apply for the position over here: https://traveltractions.com/marketing-jobs/.

We're Hiring!

Mid-Level Social Media Strategist

In order to expand the range of skills and services we have to offer, we're looking for a creative, and driven mid-level developer. The ideal candidate is someone who wants to both learn, and teach, with the opportunity to work on some of the best and biggest travel blogs and websites from all corners of the world. If this sounds like you, apply for the position over here: https://traveltractions.com/marketing-jobs/.

We're Hiring!

Mid-Level Developer

Content Creators

Meet the people who keep us running on a day to day basis.




Emily C

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