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Matt created Travel Tractions with over 10 years of experience in marketing travel companies, building startups and travel agencies, investing and marketing complex travel websites, being a growth specialist and taking part in Y Combinator Startup School and Google Developers Launchpad Accelerator Programs.

His love for seeing people and businesses thrive is one of the reasons why Travel Tractions was born.

With that experience, Matt has trained a team of highly-skilled SEO strategists that work on a variety of travel and tourism websites at Travel Tractions.

There are more than 200 ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, so it can be hard to know where to concentrate your efforts or even if you are doing the right thing. Luckily we have all the know-how and a passion for coaching and consulting.

With a little help from the team at Travel Tractions, you can speed up your learning curve, get up-to-date info on what’s working today and watch your business gain traction.

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    Travel SEO Consulting Services

    Get A Question Answered

    $ 99
    • Got a burning question about SEO?
    • Have your questions answered, get traction, and learn how to increase your traffic.
    • 2nd opinion or clarification question 5 - 10 minute video or email response curated to your question and website.

    1hr One-on-One Consultation

    $ 249
    • Strategy, direction, action plans to get traction, and learn how to increase your traffic.
    • Consulting session to work together on your website direction and strategy.
    • Pick my brain with 10 years of online marketing experience in travel and tourism. Get actionable plans and strategy.

    Coaching Session

    $ 649
    • 3 x 1-hour coaching sessions with me, an SEO pro with more than 10 years of experience and industry specific knowledge.
    • Improve your SEO and digital marketing knowledge and application.
    • Arrive an SEO noob, leave a travel marketing ninja.

    Have your questions answered, get traction and learn how to increase your traffic

    You’ve probably heard this answer before: “It depends”. Well, now you get to find out what “it depends” on.

    Most SEO questions have one simple answer: It Depends. This is because each case is different, and SEO differs according to the site you’re working on.

    This is your chance to find out just what “It Depends” on. Personalised Travel SEO consulting for your website.

    We don’t claim to be a marketing gurus, but we’ve been fortunate enough to work with thousands of travel professionals and hundreds of travel sites with various different business models that have taught us many things.

    And now we can teach you, through one-on-one SEO coaching, and answering many of the questions you may have.

    Stop wasting time trying to figure it out on your own

    We know how it is. Marketing can be extremely frustrating. Especially trying to figure out what works in the search engines after every Google update. When you spend time and money without getting results, it can be exhausting.


    Struggling to get traction?

    Get SEO marketing advice, that is tried and tested, and works…

    Great advice that converts users and gets to the top of Search Engines is what most travel websites need, this happens to be one of our specialties.

    Consulting for:

    Types of businesses

    Custom Orders

    We provide custom orders. If you need some advice for your website or want a custom campaign, fill in the form below and we will help you however we can.


    Frequently Asked

    Here are a few questions that we often receive. If you have any further questions feel free to get in contact with us via the form above.

    Travel is where our team’s specialities lie, and tourism and travel-related websites are right in our area of expertise. But if you have an interesting topic that you think we could help you with, we’re willing to see if we can help.


    Anyone who owns or runs a travel-related website, and understands the value in SEO is Travel Traction’s ideal client. Bloggers, startups, and even agencies have found their way into our client list and we’ve enjoyed working with all of them.


    We offer SEO strategy and implementation, on-page audits, content writing and optimisation, CRO and backlink cleanups (disavows), and SEO consulting. We also offer a full SEO service for ongoing clients that we feel we could bring value to, starting at 1,000 USD per month.


    You can find all of our services under the Marketing Services tab of our website. All of these services are SEO-focused since 60% of web traffic is from search engines.

    This varies depending on which package you order. While we want to deliver your order to you in a timely manner, we also strive for high quality work, which sometimes takes some time. You can find specific turn-around times on most of the product pages. If your turnaround time is going to be later than expected, you will be notified.

    You can get 5% off your first order with us by using the coupon code: TTVIRGIN. Single orders over 1000 USD qualify for custom discounts or a strategy session. Please use the above/below form or contact the account manager to find out more.


    You can pay for your online orders with Paypal. Bank transfers are accepted for custom orders.


    We love working with people in the industry, please send us your rates and how you think you could help Travel Tractions and we will get back to you.


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