Content Writing for Travel Websites

Struggling to find a travel content writer?

Get perfect SEO content written by a travel content agency.

Great SEO copy that converts users and gets to the top of Search Engines is what most travel websites need, this happens to be one of our specialities.

Content for:

  • Travel agency websites
  • Online booking sites
  • Tourism offices
  • Hotel chains
  • Accommodation sites
  • Airline comparison sites
  • Travel blogs
  • Influencers

Types of travel content:

  • Hotel descriptions
  • Travel guides
  • Destination guides
  • Travel blog posts
  • City, region, country descriptions
  • Tour descriptions
  • Popular attraction guides
  • Reviews
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Place your travel content writing order below. Pick your wordcount, main keyword/topic, and content type – then add any other info we should know about the order.

Help Us Get To Know Your Website

You’ll be sent a client status sheet, with a few things to fill out (including voice & tone, formatting preferences, & affiliates). This helps us write exclusively for your site.

We Find The Best Writer

Your content will then be allocated to the best writer for the job. We’ll find the writer with the most experience & familiarity with your chosen topic, and they’ll get to work.

We’ll Get Researching & Writing

We start with in-depth keyword research for the topic you’re wanting, then design an SEO-focused topical structure, and then we write some brilliant content!

You’ll Receive Your Content For Review

You’ll receive your content in a Google folder with the keyword research, optimized images, and copy. You can then review it and make sure it fits with what you wanted.

Final Content Approval

Any edits are done by us, and you can give your final stamp of approval before the content is signed off or uploaded if you choose that as part of your package!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you only write travel content, or other content as well?

A: As a travel marketing company, we prefer to work on travel content. Any content not travel-related needs to be discussed before it is ordered. 

Q: What if I don’t like the content, can you make changes?

A: Yes you can make changes and edits and we will amend the content accordingly. Each package has a certain limit of amendments.

Q: Must I give you the keywords/ideas for the content?

A: Nope, we can do all that, you just send us your ideas. Our team is skilled in researching topics and keywords for the content we write. 

Q: What format do you send
the content in?

A: Your content, images and keywords are placed in a shareable Google folder, and we send the link for you to access and download it.

Q: How many orders can you handle at a time?

A: We’re obsessed with quality content, so probably not that many. But we’re willing to scale for your needs. For bulk orders, contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you. 

Q: Who are your writers?

A: All of our content writers are native English speakers and they all have a passion for travel and marketing. That means we are able to create high-quality travel content that won’t cost you the earth. 

Q: How do I know which content package to order?

A: This depends on the content that you would like written. Different types of content require different lengths. If you are unsure, you are welcome to contact us before you order.

Q: What’s the turnaround time for most orders?

A: It depends on the size of your order and the content queue. We usually turn around orders in 4-7 business days. If we are backed up, or run into a complication – we will notify you via email.

Q: Will you select affiliate products for review content?

A: If you have products that you would like reviewed specifically, please email us with a list that includes the product and a link to the product.

Q: Can I order in bulk content packages, and how?

A: Yes. If you need content longer than 3000 words or would like to order multiple pieces in one go, please email us with your requirements.


Travel Content Writing

Small Content Option

1000 words
7c a word
3+ images
Turn around time: 4-5 Days
Keyword Research
2 Amendments
English University Graduate


Medium Content Option

2000 words
6.5c a word
5 images
Turn around time: 5-7 Days
Topical Research
2 Amendments
English University Graduate


Large Content Option

3000 words
6c a word
7+ images
Turn around time: 7 – 10 Days
Semantic & Topical Research
3 Amendments
English or Literature Graduate


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