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Search engine optimization is not simple,  it takes years to become an expert in this ever-changing field. We’ve been working in the travel SEO space for 10+ years and have acquired a wealth of knowledge that we would love to share with you on a consulting call.


Whether you need Travel SEO Services, a Travel SEO Coach or advice on your current SEO campaign, we can help you get to where you need to go. We are experts at doubling travel websites’ organic traffic, so if that sounds like something you are trying to achieve, we can help you get there.

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    Our Consulting and Coaching Options

    Ask an SEO Question

    $ 49
    • Get your question answered by an SEO expert
    • 2nd opinion or clarification question
    • 5 - 10 minute recorded video or email

    1 Hour Consult Session

    $ 80
    • 1 hour consultation with our lead SEO strategist
    • 80USD/hr
    • Work together on your website to get strategy, direction and an action plan

    1 Hour SEO Consult With Matt

    $ 249
    • 1 hour coaching session with Matt Davison
    • Work together on your website to get direction and strategy
    • Gain insights from a travel and tourism SEO expert

    Travel Industry SEO

    If you have a travel business, blog, or website, then implementing SEO tactics to bring a large amount of organic traffic to your website is an SEO marketing strategy that has stood the test of time. The benefits of an SEO strategy are long-term as opposed to tactics such as PPC (pay-per-click advertising). Although used together, these strategies can be a powerful combination. If you take the time to sit on a call with one of our SEO agency experts, you will gain insights into the nitty-gritty of SEO for travel websites.

    Consult With Us About Our Travel SEO Services

    Our Travel SEO Services cover all of the major aspects of SEO, from content creation to technical audits, strategy, and link building. We also cater to clients who are unsure about what they need. By auditing your website and diving into your Google Analytics, we can tell you where improvements can be made.

    Ask Us About Our Travel SEO Audits

    If you have a website in the travel niche, we can help you with an Tourism SEO Audit. We have experience with the following:

    • Online booking sites
    • Tourism offices
    • Hotel chains
    • Accommodation sites
    • Travel agencies
    • Airline comparison sites
    • Travel blogs
    • Influencers
    • Multilingual sites

    Our travel site audits cover not only the basics of SEO but dive into both the technical aspects and the content strategy. Our SEO professionals stay up-to-date on the latest SEO news, algorithm updates, and trends to ensure we can make recommendations that stand the test of time.


    We offer 4 different types of SEO audits, each offering something a little more comprehensive than the last.

    Our Success Stories

    We’re proud of our successes, and we want to share them with the world. So here are a few case studies, demonstrating just some of the great results that we’ve generated over the years

    Content Audits for Travel Websites

    Our Content Audits dive deep into the data to analyze what content has the potential to rank even better with a little optimization. We also look at those that are underperforming and causing unnecessary bloat to your website.

    You will end up with a list of posts that have the potential to rank on the first page of Google with some optimization. Our SEO specialists will also recommend pages that are underperforming be deleted or redirected.

    Because we will spend so much time sifting through your content, we will get valuable insights into what content Google is favoring on your website. This can inform the type of content you create going forward. A small tweak in your strategy can skyrocket your traffic, which is ultimately what we want for our travel business clients.

    Want to find out if this service is ideal for your travel industry website?

    SEO Analysis & Strategy Session for Travel Websites

    Our SEO Analysis & Strategy Session provides a holistic view of the health of your website, as well as analyzing the technical and content aspects of SEO. In this audit, we will analyze the following:


    • DNS and hosting
    • Javascript
    • XML sitemap
    • URLs
    • Metadata
    • Content hierarchy
    • Backlinks
    • Internal linking
    • Schema markup
    • Robots.txt file
    • On-page SEO analysis of 3 pages

    After we have done a deep dive into the data, we will provide you with SEO improvements that can be made to your travel business website. Our experts will hop on a call with you to chat through the strategy going forward and all website fixes that need to be addressed. 

    Full Audit & Strategy Session for a Travel Website

    Our Full Audit & Strategy Session combines our content audit and technical audit, as well as adding a competitor analysis to ensure that your website can get off on the best SEO footing. You’ll also be given 3 – 5 pages of on-page analysis to guide you on how to optimize your pages efficiently.

    Once you have received the full technical and content audit along with the competitor analysis, you will be able to book 2 x 1-hour strategy sessions with one of our SEO masters. You can discuss how to implement SEO fixes, as well as the site strategy going forward.

    Ask Us About Our Link Building Packages

    Links are still one of Google’s biggest ranking factors because it uses links to assess which pages and posts people find useful, informative, and interesting. Therefore, pages with more links must be more useful to readers.


    While links are not the ONLY ranking factor that Google uses to assess pages, it is certainly one that cannot be ignored. We offer Link Building Packages of different sizes, allowing you to pick and choose what best fits your travel website and budget.

    Our link building experts aim to build links that appear natural in order to not raise any red flags with Google. We also assess the link profile of competitors in order to find new places to acquire links for your specific niche.

    Ask Us About Our SEO Content Writing Services for Travel Companies

    There’s no doubt that SEO content writing is an integral part of creating a website that ranks in organic search. Our Content Writing Services can be tweaked and adjusted to suit your needs.

    Pick and choose from a variety of content types, including high-quality blog posts, web pages, or reviews. Our team of expert content writers creates engaging content that is SEO-friendly. Our experienced copywriters specialize in writing copy that actually converts, which is something that each and every travel company needs.

    Along with our basic content writing, you can add additional services to your order. These Include:

    • Keyword research (highly recommended)
    • Optimized images
    • Content upload
    • Surfer SEO

    Ask Us About Improving Search Engine Rankings

    As travel SEO experts, we’re well-versed in improving search engine rankings for existing content. We do this in two ways: 

    On-page SEO Optimizations for Travel Companies

    We dive into your Google Search Console data to see the keywords that Google is already ranking your page for. We then add additional keywords, analyze competitors and adjust your content accordingly to improve your rankings in search results.


    Our SEO Optimizations have seen great results and aid in improving your online visibility as well as bringing more traffic to your website.

    Content Upgrades for Travel Websites

    Our Content Upgrade Service is simply an optimization with additional content added to the page or post. How much content needs to be added to your existing page? If you’re not sure, we can figure that out for you by analyzing your competitors that are already ranking well for your target keyword.

    Want to find out if this service is right for your travel industry website?

    Ask Us About Improving Online Marketing Through Social Media

    While social media is not linked to SEO and does not increase organic traffic, it certainly does improve your online visibility. Our SEO agency believes in a holistic approach to content marketing, which includes a social media presence.


    That’s why we offer specialist Social Media Services.

    Why Choose SEO Travel Consultancy?

    Chatting with someone with in-depth knowledge of search engines and travel SEO can give you the guidance you need to create an effective SEO strategy. Whether you choose to use our ongoing services or simply need advice on how to get off on the right foot, we can help your travel site implement SEO practices and increase its web traffic.


    If you are looking for an SEO partner to improve your search engine results rankings and marketing funnel, then our Consulting Service for travel businesses is exactly what you need!

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