Travel Blog Organic Traffic Growth Case Study


Grow the travel site’s organic traffic and improve rankings by creating content in clusters.

Strategic Observation:

The website’s organic clicks increased by more than 3x in just a year.


Jan 2022 – Jan 2023

Sevices and Skills Used

Idea and Strategy

50 Geographical locations were identified where the site had existing authority based on results from auditing the site and brainstorming amongst the SEO strategists involved. The idea was to use this as an opportunity to try out a topical cluster approach despite SEO software identifying the keywords as “low volume”.

Error Check

Our team of highly skilled editors checked the content to ensure there were no errors that could potentially affect post-performance.

SEO Content Writing

Our team of expert content writers wrote evergreen SEO-friendly blog posts that were able to rank well in search engine results pages and bring a large influx of traffic to the site.

Campaign Results

Increase in Organic Traffic
100 %

The travel site’s daily users increased from 1,801 to 8,985 in under a year.

Increase in Impressions
66 %


The number of times pages appeared in organic search increased from 93,630 times per day to 339,673 times per day in under a year.

Improvement in Av. Position
0 %

The average ranking position of pages on the website went from 26 to 16 in just under a year while significantly increasing the number of pages on the website.

Valuable Insights

In order to significantly increase the organic traffic to this travel website, we dug into the data to see which type of posts Google was favoring on this website. We then created content clusters and published series after series of content focused specifically on the topics the website was already an authority on. 

We uploaded at least 2 – 3 SEO-friendly posts per week in order to achieve these results.

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