Accommodation Website Organic Traffic Growth


The objective of this travel marketing case study was to improve the accommodation website’s SEO and grow organic traffic.

Strategic Observation:

The accommodation website’s organic traffic grew from 1,662 users per month to 3,622 users per month in just a year.


Jan 2022 – Jan 2023

Sevices and Skills Used

Content Strategy

We devised a content strategy that would help boost the site's organic rankings and bring an influx of traffic to the site.

Link Building

We built natural-looking links to the website in order to signal to Google that the website is an authority in its niche.

SEO Consulting

After spending some time with the client, we were able to advise them on best SEO practices in order to get the website in the right standing to start ranking in Google.

Campaign Results

Increase in Organic Traffic
100 %

Organic traffic on the website increased from 1,662 users per month to 3,662 users per month in just a year.

Increase in Ranking Keywords
0 %


The number of organic keywords ranking on Google’s SERPs went from 1,296 to 2,059 in just a year.

Increase in Organic Pages
0 %

Over the course of a year, the number of organic pages ranked in Google increased from 29 to 41 organic pages.

Valuable Insights

We aimed to prove that with a good content strategy and improving the authority of a website through link building, we could significantly improve the organic traffic to a website. Focusing on content clusters and topical authority helps to inform this content strategy. 

By regularly uploading content to a website, we can create a powerful SEO-optimized website that keeps bringing in traffic, month after month.

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