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In today’s competitive business environments, reducing costs and having the flexibility to adapt to change are essential factors to ensure your business is successful. As businesses adapt to ever-changing market conditions and the constant development of technology, new specialized expertise is often needed.

In this case, finding full-time hires with specific knowledge can cost your business unnecessary time and money. Fractional marketing allows companies to access top-tier professionals on a part-time basis, reducing expenses associated with full-time hires. At the same time, fractional marketing allows for easier access to relevant information and skills when needed.



This approach grants access to a diverse range of skills, enabling businesses to tailor their tourism marketing strategies to evolving needs. Moreover, fractional marketers bring novel perspectives and unique industry insights, ensuring innovative and up-to-date operations.


Fractional marketing is gaining popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. With the growing emphasis on remote work and the “gig economy,” fractional marketing emerges as an efficient solution for businesses to stay competitive.

What is Fractional Marketing in Tourism?

In the marketing industry, specialized knowledge is extremely valuable and can make or break your business. For example, although similar in nature, marketing strategies for tour operators can be very different from marketing strategies for hotels.

Fractional marketing in tourism is the practice of hiring uniquely skilled marketing professionals on a part-time or contract basis to promote and enhance the marketing efforts of your tourism-related business.

These fractional marketers each bring expertise and experience in the tourism industry, assisting companies in developing tailored marketing strategies to attract and engage travelers. They collaborate with existing internal teams to conduct market research and work to reach the right audience.

Fractional marketing in tourism is becoming more popular thanks to its cost-effectiveness, adaptability to seasonal demands, and access to niche skills, allowing tourism businesses to stay relevant and thrive in the dynamic and ever-changing travel landscape.

Why It’s Important to Have a Targeted Marketing Strategy


A lot of the time, businesses in the tourism industry make the mistake of assuming that a generalized marketing approach is what their business needs. While having a strong social media presence and regularly sending your audience emails might work in some cases, it’s really just the surface of marketing. There is so much more you can be doing to help your business grow

Targeted marketing strategies are specialized to the services your business offers and the audience you want (or should) appeal to. This doesn’t mean you should scrap your strategies and start afresh.

Instead, with the help of the right professionals, you can discover the ideal social media marketing strategy for your business or use marketing experts to boost the authority of your website through SEO content writing.

You may not even know what you need or which experts to reach out to. That’s when hiring a fractional marketing director comes into play.

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What Is a Tourism Fractional Marketing Director?

What does fractional CMO mean? A tourism fractional marketing director (or CMO) is a contractual and part-time, experienced marketing professional who oversees and strategizes marketing efforts for a business. A fractional CMO works on a contractual basis, typically dedicating a few hours per week or month to the company, depending on the business’s needs.

The director collaborates with the internal marketing team and uses their expertise in tourism marketing to assist in analyzing market trends and identifying growth opportunities for your business. A tourism fractional marketing director develops comprehensive marketing plans, sets objectives, and allocates budgets for the internal marketing team.

A fractional marketing director typically has a wide spectrum of experience in the field of marketing and has already directed marketing companies. Typically, a business would hire a Chief Marketing Officer to fill this role, however, it isn’t always necessary to have a full-time hire in this position. Depending on the nature of your business, having a full-time CMO or marketing director can be more of an expense than an asset.

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Which Businesses Need a Tourism Fractional Marketing Director?

Small to medium-sized businesses and funded startups in the tourism industry with an existing internal marketing department would benefit from having a fractional marketing director or a fractional marketing manager.

Where marketing is a secondary function of a business, it’s not always worth it to hire a marketing director to manage the marketing team and operations on a full-time basis. Some businesses may even have a fractional marketing team, which is an assortment of outsourced professionals that each contribute to monthly marketing strategies.

This may be through email marketing, social media marketing, Pay-Per-Click, SEO content writing, etc.  In this instance, having a fractional marketing director would mean each fractional marketer performs according to a central strategy with a shared goal. Without this, it can be tricky and time-consuming to get every party on the same page.

In some ways, having a fractional marketing executive on your team is like employing an expert consultant.

A marketing director’s expertise lies in crafting effective campaigns, optimizing branding strategies, and ensuring consistent messaging across channels. With a focus on maximizing ROI, a fractional marketing director brings their skills to enhance a company’s marketing performance without the commitment and cost of a full-time hire. This is ideal for small and growing businesses that want to keep up with the rapidly evolving industry of marketing.

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