Luxury Hotel Website Travel Marking Case Study


The objective of this case study was to increase the organic traffic to the luxury hotel website‘s affiliate posts.

Strategic Observation:

The luxury hotel website’s users increased from 191 per month to 36,555 users per month in just over a year.


August 2021 – October 2022

Services and Skills Used

Targeting Analysis

We check the targeting of your content, keywords, links and strategy and give external insights and advice.

Idea and Strategy

Get ideas and insights from our audit, brainstorming, and strategizing. And gain experience by doing it all with us.

SEO Content Writing

We create SEO-friendly content that people are already searching for in order to rank in Google.

Error Check

Our check will pick up any critical errors on your site that hinder your site's performance.

Topic Mining

We look for keywords that you have not yet written about, focusing on keywords that are easy to rank for but have the potential to bring large volumes of traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

We analyze the keywords of your domain and see where your biggest opportunities lie.

Link Check

We check your links and the strength of your domain. We analyze how you should improve your link profile.

Performance Check

We look at the performance of your website, check if it's doing well, and explain if and how it can improve.

Social Media Strategy

We create social media content to build authority in a niche and grow social media following and engagement.

Link Building

We build links strategically to the website from authoritative sites to increase the domain ranking. This improves SEO and the ability to rank in SERPs.

Campaign Results

YoY Organic Growth
3000 %

Website traffic increased from 191 visitors per month to 36,555 visitors per month in a year.

Increase in Referring Domains
0 %

The number of referring domains (websites linking to the luxury hotel website) increased from 1,314 to 1,696.

Increase in Organic Pages
66 %

The number of organic pages ranking in Google SERPs increased from 98 to 2,386.

Increase in Organic Keywords
400 %

The website’s number of organic keywords that are ranking in Google increased from 1,484 to 27,201.

Valuable Insights

To improve the organic growth of this luxury hotel website, we published 10,000 words of content on a monthly basis to keep the content velocity steady. Our content strategy focused on writing about luxury hotel topics that had not yet been covered on the website were relatively easy to rank and had the potential to bring a large influx of visitors to the website. 

We also engaged in strategic link building to improve site authority and increase the chances of ranking in Google SERPS and built 5 – 15 links a month. And we created a social media strategy that aimed at increasing the brand’s overall authority in the niche.

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