Pet Blog Growth Marketing Case Study


The objective of this case study was to drive large amounts of traffic to the pet blog to increase ad revenue.

Strategic Observation:

The website’s users increased from 352 users per month to 18,004 users per month in under a year. 


December 2021 – October 2022

Sevices and Skills Used

Targeting Analysis

We check the targeting of your content, keywords, links and strategy and give external insights and advice.

Idea and Strategy

Get ideas and insights from our audit, brainstorming, and strategizing. And gain experience by doing it all with us.

Content Writing

We create SEO-friendly content that people are already searching for in order to rank in Google.

Error Check

Our check will pick up any critical errors on your site that hinder your site's performance.

Campaign Results

YoY Increase in Traffic
3000 %

The site’s organic traffic increased from 352 per month to 18,004 per month in under a year.

Increase in Organic Pages
66 %

The number of organic pages that were ranking in Google SERPs increased from 66 to 144 in under a year.

Increase in Organic Keywords
400 %

The number of organic keywords the site was ranking for increased from 2091 to 14735 in under a year. 

Valuable Insights

Content velocity (or the rate at which content is uploaded to your website) has become important to Google over the last couple of years. Google crawlers tend to favor websites that are being updated regularly, and in order to see such great results for this website, we published upwards of 2 posts per week. 

Publishing high-quality SEO-friendly content on a regular basis is how we achieved great results for this pet website.

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