If you are a tour guide, accommodation website, or smaller publication, refreshing your site with 2 to 3 posts every month is the best move you can make. This allows new opportunities for your site to get onto the SERPs and keeps you front-of-mind with your clients and readers. Our 3000-word subscription was designed with this in mind.

It’s all even easier when you have a project manager who will take care of your travel site, keeping you updated on progress, aligning the correct writers with your content, and keeping one eye on your site’s performance as well as updates in the SEO world.

There are options for you to choose from when you order. If you go with all of the added extras, our team will handle every step of the content process for you – allowing you to simply check the content and continue with the parts of your business that need you more.

What You Get

  • 3000 words
  • $0.088 per word
  • A dedicated Project Manager to assist you with your queries
  • 10% discount on any of our other once-off products
  • 3 amendments
Note: Your subscription will include a mix of Easy, Medium, and Experienced content writers. We will decide this based on the content you order.
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$297.00 / month

3000 Words Monthly Content

  • 3000 Words Monthly Content

    Your Project Details

    Optional Extras

    A Topic mine in SEO involves identifying popular topics related to a website's niche, analyzing search trends and similar keyphrases

    Keyword research involves finding data on words and phrases people use in search engines to discover content. It helps optimize website content to match user queries, improving search engine visibility.

    Optimized images are pictures adjusted in size, format, and alt text to improve website loading speed and accessibility, enhancing overall search engine and overall performance.

    SurferSEO is a tool used for optimizing website content. It analyzes data from competitors, suggests improvements based on SEO factors, and helps improve search engine rankings.

    You got a 10% discount

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