Travel SEO rules change constantly, and if you’re not an SEO expert, it can be hard to keep up. So, while your website may have been perfectly SEO-friendly just a few months ago, you might be seeing a decline in traffic. Or perhaps you just want to take a new direction with your travel website but aren’t quite sure where to go.

Our SEO Health and Help Session package will help you with this. First, we do an audit of your website that checks URLs and metadata, content hierarchy and heading tags, images, backlinks, and internal linking. We decipher what is going well and what could be improved within those elements.

Then, we’ll bring our findings to you in an hour-long strategy call, which will also allow you to ask questions and get clarity about what we have found. You can then move on to make your decisions around content, links, optimizations, and even perhaps a web redesign, all based on simplified and organized data.


  • 10-hour SEO Audit
  • 1-Hour Strategy Call And Questions Answered
Best for: Small business websites and blogs


SEO Health & Help Session

  • SEO Health & Help Session

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    A monetization strategy is a plan to make money from something you offer. This could include things like selling tours, including advertisements on your website, earning money through affiliate links, etc.

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