Travel Marketing Internship in Cape Town

Travel Tractions is looking for a talented, content-focused individual to join our fast-growing team.  We offer internship positions teaching various areas of online marketing, with the possibility of freelancing and further employment. Depending on experience, skills, time availability, ability to provide value and quick learning, financial incentives will start at R2 000 – R6 000 monthly.

We believe in being able to work nomadically. Currently, we are looking for people who are go-getters to come in for training in our home offices in Cape Town for a 6 month internship. Don’t live in Cape Town? No problem, we offer options to work from home too!

General Tasks

Research, fact checking, data capturing, content creation, copywriting, design, editing, proofreading, link building, emailing, meeting deadlines, administrative and other editorial tasks.

What will you learn?

Depending on your application and the result of your tests during the process, we help determine which aspect of online marketing would best suit your skillset and your desirability to learn. Our main service offering at Travel Tractions is SEO which has elements of content creation, design and web development.

Travel Tractions works with clients but also has a wide set of internal projects, while we don’t call ourselves an incubator, we like to test markets and build our own products and online projects.

We don’t offer these services to clients but they have a focus on growth-hacking loopholes in various online marketing channels where we find to bring the biggest ROI. These elements could be email marketing, web development, PR, funnels, video creation and editing, design, social media marketing, automation and community management.

Traits we are looking for

PROs about working with us

  1. Learn about digital marketing in a variety of areas
  2. Work remotely
  3. Flexible Hours
  4. Work towards with real KPI’s
  5. Gain working experience in an agency and startup incubator
  6. Monthly performance reviews & possible bonuses
  7. Potential freelancing or permanent position going forward**
  8. SEO Ahrefs Business Of Blogging Course
  9. 50% contribution to courses that develop your skills*
  10. Revenue share*
  11. Unlimited unpaid leave*
  12. Help build the best travel marketing agency in the world

* Permanent or full time employees only qualify
** Permanent or freelancing positions ONLY available to those who complete the internship

Work from home, or from wherever you want

We hire based on talent, not time zone, so your schedule is up to you. As long as you respect the team and deliver great work, we don’t care how, where, or when you get it done.


Work/life, balanced

Unlimited vacation

No, really

Parental leave & family support

For the ever-growing TT family

Learning & development time

Because life is about new challenges...

Flexible hours & location

For a schedule that’s one-size-fits-you

Dog-friendly offices

Because pups make everything better

Paid leave on your birthday

Enjoy with family & friends

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