Travel Blog Web Build & Traffic Growth Case Study


Our objective with this client was to build an SEO-friendly website, come up with a successful content strategy and create an influx of organic traffic for a website in less than a year.

Strategic Observation:

The website traffic went from 0 to 2,350 visitors per month in less than a year.


Oct 2021 – Jan 2022

Sevices and Skills Used


We built the website from scratch implementing SEO best practices from the very beginning.

Idea and Strategy

We came up with a content strategy to move the website forward and give it the best chance of ranking in organic search.

SEO Consulting

We spent time training the client in best SEO practices so that they could be implemented in content going forward.

Error Check

We used critical analysis to ensure there was nothing on the website that could hinder its performance both now and in the future.

Link Building

We built natural-looking links in order to boost the authority of the website and improve its organic rankings.

Campaign Results

Increase in Organic Traffic
2000000 %

Since building the site, website traffic has increased from 0 users per month to 2,346 users per month.

Increase in Referring Domains
1000 %


In order to increase the website’s authority, we built 19 natural-looking links to the site to improve the chances of ranking in SERPs.

Increase in Pages
500 %

The site was 5 years old and already had 500 blog posts. The topical cluster only added 10% of this amount (50 posts), but the site’s organic traffic tripled.

Valuable Insights

While getting a website off the ground can be tricky, we wanted to prove that it was possible to make a significant impact on organic traffic by implementing three strategies. Building a website that is SEO-friendly, creating a successful content strategy, and building links in order to gain Google’s trust. 

We uploaded SEO-friendly content on a regular basis in order to improve traffic to the website.

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