Best Affiliate Programs for Your Travel Blog

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. It is a very passive way of earning money, as you make the posts with your affiliate products, then you leave it and wait for people to buy, allowing you to make money day and night.

There are a number of companies now who offer affiliate programs to bloggers and website owners who have established sites. Many affiliate programs require you to show your website stats for a few months, while others will make you an affiliate right away. is a really well-known site in the travel world. They offer bookings for hotels across the globe. Their affiliate program is open to anyone with a website or blog, an app or a travel agency. If you can offer the best deals on hotel bookings, this program is definitely for you. has a very simple and quick sign up process, they offer a search box, deep linking, as well as banner integration options. They have an offer-based, commission split model, which means you get a certain per cent commission depending on how many bookings are made through the link from your site.


TripAdvisor is another well-known player in the travel game, it is the go-to site for people planning a holiday. Their affiliate program allows you to source content from their site, and then send readers back to the original source using your link on your site.

The benefits of using the TripAdvisor affiliate program is that you get 50% commission from each sale, you can deep link to over 500 000 cities and hotels, they have a tiered commission structure and you will get a monthly payout.


Agoda has close to a quarter of a million properties on their books, giving you a huge scope of properties to advertise on your site. Their affiliate program is open to anyone with a website or blog, and the approval time is between 48-72 hours.

The benefits of this program are that you get up to 60% commission on margin, they offer search boxes, text links and data feeds. You can use hotel power ads to further increase your revenue, and there is $200 minimum payment.


Skyscanner is one of the most popular sites that people use to check the price of flights. The Skyscanner affiliate program offers users many options for their website or blog, but the one you should focus on is their travel widget.

The benefits of the program are that it offers white-label solutions for offering flight searches on your website. It is one of the most popular travel API’s, the flight booking widget on your sidebar ensures quick sales, it has one of the best and most detailed references. It supports hotels and car rentals.

Airbnb Referral Program

A referral program is similar to an affiliate program, but also quite different. The Airbnb referral program allows you to earn points instead of hard cash, these points can then be used to purchase products or services.

This referral program is very popular as you can earn up to $72 for a successful referral. Other benefits include a very easy to share referral link, it is a very well-known and respected name in the travel industry, and offers great travel income.


ShareASale is a platform where you can find all of the affiliate programs available in any niche. Many of the most popular hotels, airlines and services are available on ShareASale, making it a great all-in-one service.

Some of the highlights of ShareASale is that they offer direct payment via a direct bank transfer. It is easier to reach minimum payment compared to in-house affiliate programs. You are able to see the top performing affiliate programs in each niche.


Amazon Affiliates is one of the most popular affiliate programs out there. You are able to use Amazon’s enormous library of products to advertise them on your site, and use your own affiliate link to generate commission from sales.

The benefits include being associated with a highly reputable company, getting started with the program is very easy and there are a lot of tutorials to learn from, there are thousands and thousands of travel-related products, you also get a higher commission as you generate more and more sales.

Affiliate programs are very easy to apply for and also very easy to manage and make work for you. The great thing being is that you don’t have to actively be using them to make money, they make money for themselves.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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