Digital Marketing for Hotels

Digital marketing for hotels can be daunting without the guidance of experts. This is especially true if your business has to compete with internationally renowned hotel brands with decades of good reputation and massive marketing budgets. 

With the right team behind you and a tailored hotel digital marketing strategy in your hands, your business has the power to rank in the big leagues.

Your hotel needs a robust online presence and a marketing plan that appeals to your target audience. But that’s not all. Your online presence should also mirror your brand, align with your visions, and deliver an excellent user experience, all while adhering to the complex technical standards required for a business to rank and perform well. 

Growing an online presence can be as complicated as constructing your physical property and keeping it functioning at its best. 

These days, your online presence is the face of your hotel; it’s most often what your guests will see first, and it can make or break your bookings. Collaborating with the right team of expert marketers is essential to achieving growth. 

Here’s how we can help you.

Travel Tractions Digital Marketing Services

Travel Tractions has years of experience but also boasts a team of industry experts with niche expertise to take your hotel business to the next level. Our team consists of talented writers, developers, search engine optimisation experts, and editors who are all committed to creating outstanding websites, SEO content, digital marketing strategies, social media marketing plans, and more. 

Online marketing needs to be cohesive. That’s why we do it all. Our combined expertise guarantees clients a customised plan with practical advice and means we can help with any of your digital marketing needs. 

We believe in a tailored approach right from the start. So, if our digital marketing offers don’t quite suit you, or you aren’t sure what you need yet, feel free to book a call with a consultant, and we’ll guide you through the next steps.

Not sure what you need? Book a free consultation with one of our SEO experts.

Travel Tractions Case Studies

Here’s how we’ve helped other businesses in the hospitality industry to reach new heights.

9178% YOY Increase In Organic Users

Travel & Entertainment Website Growth Hacking Case Study

Travel & Entertainment Website SEO Case Study

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401% Increase in YOY Organic Traffic

Travel & Tours Blog Growth Case Study

Travel & Tours Blog SEO Case Study

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450% Increase in New Leads

Ski Website Growth & Lead Generation Case Study

Ski Website SEO Case Study

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Essential Aspects of Good Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

So you’ve already got a gorgeous hotel with the best amenities, you have happy customers and a consistent email marketing schedule. But are you really reaching all your potential guests and making enough direct bookings? 

Your digital marketing efforts don’t have to be extreme. Simply taking advantage of raving online reviews, feeding the search engines with a few fresh posts every month, and keeping your website healthy may be enough to grow your business. Every business needs a unique approach to reach its true potential, but there are a few essential aspects that every digital marketing plan should pay attention to.

Hotel Website Design

It’s impossible to run a business without having an appealing and functional website today. Essentially, a website is an online property that should work hand in hand with your physical property. However, many business owners think of a website as another burden, something costly and time-consuming, and that can be true if you don’t have any guidance. 

Honestly, your website can do so much of the heavy lifting for your business and help you drive direct bookings with just a few simple features. Your website should be beautiful, easy to use, and transparent, it should also load quickly, have a solid structure, facilitate bookings and queries, and be optimised for search engines. 

At Travel Tractions, we offer basic, medium, and full website build packages. These include a face-to-face call to understand your brand and goals, planning and designing, development according to functionality, an SEO-focused build process, speed optimisation, prioritised mobile responsiveness, and more.

SEO Content Writing for Hotels

Why not stand out from the crowd by having talented experts with niche knowledge write compelling content using SEO content strategy? AI content may be trending at the moment, but it won’t take long for people to start seeking information from real experts in the sea of generic content.

If you want a thriving online presence, high-quality content is essential. Whether you have a hotel website, a travel blog, or an adventure tour agency, every word from your home page to your contact page should be carefully selected for your target audience with content marketing strategy in mind. 

Using fresh content to boost your online visibility is a great strategy. Writing about the local attractions around your hotel, your amenities, and your unique offerings is a guaranteed way to attract guests. 

Travel Tractions boasts a team of talented writers with plenty of content writing experience for the travel industry, and you’ll need some crafty wordsmiths with search engine optimisation skills to help drive more bookings.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Hotels

More work goes into social media marketing than most people understand. Although it seems fairly simple and fun to create social media posts, it is actually one of the most complicated parts of a hotel’s online marketing strategy. In order to get it right, you’ll need to keep up with trends, post at specific times, use relevant keywords, and maintain your brand’s identity.

Nowadays, having a solid social media presence means your business is trustworthy and transparent. That’s why most marketing agencies preach the importance of consistent social media posting. 

But we understand that as a business owner, there isn’t enough time in the day to worry about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (X), and even LinkedIn, so let us take that off your plate.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Google Ads is essential whether you’re in the hotel business, a restaurateur, or a passionate tour operator. Today, Google is still the world’s largest ad platform and receives around 8.5 billion searches per day. 

Neglecting to use Google to its full potential could really disadvantage your business, especially in the hotel industry.

Travel Tractions has Google Ads-certified specialists with many years of experience in travel and tourism-focused PPC. Over the years, we’ve proudly worked with hotel chains, travel agencies, airline comparison sites, travel blogs, multilingual sites, travel influencers, and more.

SEO Audits & Optimization

So you aren’t sure why your website is not performing well in the Google SERPs and not bringing in many direct bookings. Your business would benefit from a comprehensive SEO audit

An SEO audit is important to help both the owner and the marketer understand a website’s current performance and highlight potential growth points. A website audit provides valuable insight into how it functions against Google’s +200 ranking factors, whether it meets Google’s best guidelines, and provides a detailed and actionable plan to help your website grow.

SEO optimisation happens after completing an audit. We implement a strategic plan to enhance your website’s content, speed, structure, linking, targeting, and more.

SEO Coaching & Consulting

We always encourage our clients to learn as much as they can about digital marketing and SEO. After all, knowledge of how the digital world works is imperative to keeping any business alive today. 

It takes years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to know the ins and outs of digital marketing. However, there is a lot you can learn from consulting with an SEO expert. If you aren’t ready for a marketing agency to take the reins and have a few questions to ask, Travel Tractions offers the opportunity to get your questions answered by Matt, our founder and digital marketing expert. 

Ask an SEO question about your business and receive a 5 – 10 minute explanation, or alternatively opt for a one-on-one consultation via video call to receive answers and direct explanations about your site’s SEO.

Get Travel Tractions Hosting and Support

We totally understand that running your own website can be a hassle. Websites need regular updates, security, troubleshooting, consistent uploads, and many other time-consuming tasks that most business owners can’t commit to. We’ve gone above and beyond other travel and hotel marketing agencies and developed our Hosting and Support package.

It was specially designed to provide the extra support that our clients needed. You’ll receive website hosting, monthly maintenance, troubleshooting and support, content uploads, automated backups, and much more. If you’re the owner of a website that generates income but you don’t have the budget to hire a full-time developer to keep things running smoothly, this package is ideally suited for you.

Travel Website Design

Travel Tractions goes beyond hotel marketing, we specialise in travel web development for tours, travel gear, travel blogs, hotels, and more. What sets us apart from other full-service marketing agencies is our exceptional team of digital marketing experts, equipped with the essential skills to make your website both visually appealing and revenue-generating.

Designing a website for hospitality brands is more complex than it appears. It requires a combination of expertise and experience to create the perfect website that enhances your digital presence and increases organic traffic. 

With a proven track record, we excel in developing and optimising sites to boost your business’s profitability.

SEO for Hospitality

SEO isn’t uniform across every industry. It can differ significantly from one sector to another, making it crucial to have experts who understand your business and can customise marketing campaigns to meet your specific needs. 

That’s where Travel Tractions excels beyond other hospitality marketing agencies.

Effective SEO for the hospitality industry requires a mix of on-page and off-page strategies, including creating new content, optimising existing content, focusing on local SEO, building links, enhancing UX/UI, and leveraging paid media such as Google hotel ads, among other techniques.

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