Flight Website Link Disavow and Earning Case Study


DomesticFlights-SouthAfrica.co.za has been one of Africa’s biggest affiliate sites since 2012. They had plateaued and were losing traffic in 2017, so they contacted us for SEO assistance.


Take an established flight website that was doing okay, and improve performance by disavowing links that were spammy and building links monthly.


Organic traffic increased incrementally over the months to achieve 141.97% growth YoY one year later.


January 2018 – December 2018


Services and Skills used

Targeting Analysis

We check your targeting of your content, keywords, links and strategy and give external insights and advice

Idea and Strategy

Get ideas and insights from our audit, brainstorming, and strategizing. And gain experience by doing it all with us

Link Check

We check your links and strength of your domain. We analyze how you should improve your links profile

Structure Audit

We analyze your website structure and make sure it's correct and helping your SEO efforts

Campaign Results

YoY Increase in Organic Traffic
10 %

Organic traffic increased from 162,267 to 392,636

YoY Increase in Organic Sessions
50 %

Organic traffic sessions increased from 154.88% from 202,260 to 515,518

Increase in Organic Users
28 %

New Organic users increased from 159,670 to 384,161


Need a successful project?

Find out how we can help your travel website double revenue in 12 months or less, through our proven SEO framework.

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