Do you need to write a landing page for your travel website? Perhaps a category or destination page? Or are you looking for a comparison post of the cheapest hotels in Iceland? This content often requires a bit more knowledge on how to write focusing on user intent, as well as keeping the content evergreen and SEO-friendly.

Take advantage of mid-level writers and their 2 to 3 years of experience in travel SEO content writing and order web page copy, travel guides, and where-to-stay posts. Your travel website/company deserves only top-tier content on its pages, which is what we aim to deliver.

If you are working with us on a web design or build, our mid-level writers are usually our go-to wordsmiths to help us with this copy.

Note: While our writers are experts at finding information and researching, if you have specific information that you would like to include in your post, please include this as a link to a Google Doc or in the notes section.

Best for: Landing pages, travel guides, and on-site product descriptions for accommodation and tour companies.

What to Expect

  • 1000+ words of quality SEO-optimised content
  • From $0.099 per word
  • Free of Plagiarism & AI
  • 1 Amendment
​​Turn around time: 6-9 Business Days

Tip: If you’re looking at consistent content, we suggest you look at our monthly content options instead.


Medium Content Writing

  • From $99.00

    Medium Content Writing

    Your Project Details

    Your average word count should be in line with or slightly higher than your competitors to ensure that your content has equal opportunities to rank.

    Optional Extras

    Keyword research involves finding data on words and phrases people use in search engines to discover content. It helps optimize website content to match user queries, improving search engine visibility.

    Optimized images are pictures adjusted in size, format, and alt text to improve website loading speed and accessibility, enhancing overall search engine and overall performance.

    SurferSEO is a tool used for optimizing website content. It analyzes data from competitors, suggests improvements based on SEO factors, and helps improve search engine rankings.

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