Are you writing the best content you can? My checklist to millions of views

Are you writing the best content you can? My checklist to millions of views

Not all content is created equal.

We’ve all seen some terrible pieces of content and content so great it blows our minds so much, that all you want to do is share and link to it.

Over the years we’ve created some epic pieces of content, some of them mean to go viral, some of them to bring in traffic for years and years through SEO.

Recently we wrote the piece below that went viral and got 73 000+ page views over 3 days, that took less than an hour to create.

Going viral is only temporary… and often does not really achieve our long terms goals.

No doubt it’s an amazing feeling, but its the consistent increase in sales and traffic that gets everyone feeling awesome.


Some pieces of content that take can take a few months to reach that kind of figure. Like this one below.

The first image was an informative and shareable piece of content for South Africans that we wrote at 3am in the morning and took less than an hour and the other was created for SEO and took a long time to rank.

But the one thing that was consistent – the formula I used.

In this blog post, I release my formula to how we create consistent content and have found it to bring some of the greatest ROI for our business.

And the only thing you have to do is tick 6 of the 12 criteria on the checklist.

Let me introduce the content QUESTIONAIRE checklist, my secret to creating awesome content.

Q – quality – is it the best quality you can give?

U – unique – is it unique, is it better than everything else on the web or subject?

E – easy to read – Is it optimized and easy to read?

S – shareable – Would people share it?

T – time – Does it relate to some kind of time?

I – informative – Does it offer Value to the reader?

O – organized – Is is formatted and easy for the reader to skim and still understand?

N – no bullshit – Is everything in the article factual? Does it link out?

A – authoritative – Do you sound like you know what you talking about

I – immediate – Does it trigger an action?

R – responsive – Can it be seen all nice screens and does it look good?

E – evergreen – Can this be read it 3 years time and still be relevant?

Quality Content

If content is king, quality is queen, and we all know behind every great man is a great woman.

Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household. – Gary Vee

Quality is such a broad concept lets break down the kingdom of content.

If you tick 6 of the things listed below you have a quality piece of content, and in one way or another will be awesome…


Unique content

-Search Engines hate plagiarism and you need to add some sort of differentiation, most people refurbish content and combine information from a few sites to make it super awesome, unique and more valuable to the reader. Don’t just copy paste something you found on some or other web page.

If you need to check your content is not copies you can use Siteliner or Copyscape or Small Seo Tools

Easy to read

No one wants to read novels on the internet and the reading generation is diminishing.

We want information fast, quick, that’s easy to read and not some Lord of the Rings novel. The Hemmingwayapp is my go to, it helps me stop writing bloated content and makes my writing easier to read.

Don’t lose your reader because your content has incorrect spelling or grammar, you will be surprised how quickly you will lose a reader if there are spelling mistakes.

Try not over complicate things, break things down if you have to, not everyone reading will be at your level and or even the level you expect them to be. For people to enjoy what the reading they need to understand it.

How can make sure you have easy to read content;

  • Really short paragraphs
  • Small sentences
  • Images or visuals


Make content easy to share and that people want to share.

The best way to get your content to go viral and generate good SEO, is through sharing – if no ones knows about it, no one is gona find it read it and link to it.

Make sure that it has shareable buttons, share it yourself on every platform you can. Make sure you give it every chance possible to go be seen as many people as it can.

I created a list of 200 places to share your content to help it hit the ground running – after all, they say its 20% creation, 80% promotion.


Time has so many variables and is one of the most important parts of great content. I’ve made the mistake of waiting too long to post stuff always feeling it’s not ready.

Now, most of my posts are only 90% complete and I finish them up at a later stage with links, and maybe a little more information from user data or readers suggestions and comments.

Dated posts

I don’t like normally putting a date on posts but sometimes this can be very beneficial, we’ve used this on posts like Valentine’s day or New years, you can imagine that a post with the year in it like “Things to do for Valentines Day in 20xx” is much more clickable and relatable than something with no year or just the word “best”.

By being specific you are guaranteed that people will assess it and think this is more relevant when they see the title in Google search page…

Time of Post

If you post at 3 am, no one is going to see your post, I’ve actually found mixed results with this. Now that everyone posts near peak times it’s so condensed with posts but if you post at prime time.

It’s kinda like that situation in the classroom when people do presentations, you always want to go after someone who was really terrible because you know yours may be better. Same applies for this.

Be first

If you see the post about new years above you will see that we are the first to publish it. That means that

  • We are getting relative traffic for the news years searched for the next 6 weeks before anyone else
  • Our CTR will be much higher
  • Our engagement will help our ranking and we will further increase rank as new years approaches (I screenshotted the New Years post originally it was #6, when I came to update this post a week later we were #2, we’ll be number #1 by new years)



Do your research, have great information that is informative and practical. People love great information that has good up to date and relative information.

I base my SEO on writing the MOST INFORMATIVE piece of content on the internet (that’s how the second piece of content get 70 000 views in 6 months – by being the most informative piece of content about a tourist attraction).


Make sure that your information is structured correctly. There is nothing worse than jumbled information, make sure you have a decent lead-in, body, and conclusion.

Bullet points are great at defining things and adding to the structure of a post.

No bull shit

No one wants to read crap. Remove the fluff, stick to the facts and link to them. Build trust with your audience and other websites.

Try do two things:

  1. Give references where they got their information
  2. Try find writers who actually have a passion and knowledgeable about the topic

This creates more enjoyment for the writer and you receive way better quality content.

I like to think of content as food, make it with love and it will be enjoyable, linakable and worth sharing (telling other people about).


If you keeping with the no bull shit and making sure your content is coming from people who have a passion, experience or knowledge of a certain topic.

If you know your topic, your writing must show that, include references, experiences, pictures, and anything to have to show that you are an expert on the matter at hand.

70% of anything is confidence. I like seeing an article that has a flair of confidence and appears authoritative.


Don’t delay, you will pay – Matt Davison

You are more inclined to finish a task you started on, than one you thought of and didn’t start.

Have a great idea and you thinking, “wow this is going to make an awesome post when I write it”. Then you finish the task at hand and you finally sit down, and that awesome train of thought, is gone.

If something appears to me I write it down immediately right then and there, whether it’s on Doogle Docs, my sketchbook or with one of the whiteboard markers I have littered around my house.

Get started on it as soon as possible.

☐ Responsive

One of the most important points about great content this could mean 2 things;

Get a response

This is mostly done by generating an emotional reaction to what you posting. The worst thing to do is have a flat article or conversation.

Movies, series, books that leave you drained, invigorated, confused, happy and full with emotion are the ones you remember, act on and share.

Try do that to your audience.

How it responds to being on a computer, phone, tablet, and browser

A site I was working on recently looked amazing on my computer and then I checked it on my phone. It was hideous, the sharing buttons littered the screen as well as the big picture looked terrible not displaying it all, it looked untidy.

Make sure your articles look great and perform on all platforms.


Make content that will forever be popular or even before its time. This is one of my favorite methods to use to ensure long-term traffic gains. I always have 1 post on a new website that will remain relevant for as long as possible.

If you nail 7 of the basics I have mentioned above you are sure to have a quality post that will generate you loads of traffic. if you don’t get loads of traffic and feel you have ticked at least 7 of the things above then contact me and I will market it for free.

Sometimes its hard to remember what makes great content, that’s why I use a nifty little acronym.



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