Places to increase traffic to your travel website or blog

Places to increase traffic to your travel website or blog

Getting traffic to a travel website can be pretty easy if you know where to go. When I first started working in digital marketing for travel websites, I had absolutely no idea. It took me years of learning, errors, testing to know what I do now.

I used all kinds of methods that were a waste of my time.

The only way I used to get traffic, was from Google, Email, and Facebook – back when SEO was pretty easy and Facebook pages still had some reach. 😛

Every time I thought I had a platform waxed, it changed… And I was always worried that some or other Google beast was going to be a dickhead.

Over the years I’ve had to use every nook and cranny on the internet to get traffic to my travel sites and clients and I’m glad I did.

Now if I want to bring a couple thousand visitors to a website, all it takes is a link or share in the right place. There are few things as satisfying as seeing a huge influx of visitors coming to your site because of something you did.

There is a winning formula to acquiring this traffic, as every platform has their strengths, weaknesses, and use… Every platform performs differently, but I’ve narrowed it down to the top places that you can get traffic for your travel website. 

If you want to just download this list click here.

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The most important takeaway from this article is that you need to build to BUILD A COMMUNITY and a network of people who support and follow your online escapades.

The best way to do this is to get involved in travel Facebook groups and build a following on some of the platforms mentioned below..


The first place I turn to some travel traffic is….


Reddit is the front page of the internet so it makes sense to be the first place to try and get some traffic. 😀

Often someone will pick it up and share it somewhere else, like Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn.

If its a REALLY amazing piece of content you can maybe get picked up by a journalist.

Here a collection of subreddits where you can post your content.

r/travel/RedditTravel283900 readers
DigitalnomadRedditBlogging44500 readers
/r/IWantOutRedditTravel65600 readers
/r/CouchSurfingRedditCouch Surfing11624 readers
/r/StudyAbroadRedditStuding Abraod5253 readers
/r/BackpackingRedditBackpacking128794 readers
/r/OutdoorsRedditOutdoors39015 readers
/r/CruiseRedditCruises9300 readers
/r/TravelpartnersRedditTravel10300 readers
/r/ChurningRedditTravel points10100 readers
/r/NationalGeographicRedditImages8000 readers
/r/FlightsRedditFlights4000 readers
/r/AirBnBRedditAirbnb9900 readers
/r/WWOOFRedditTravel10200 readers
/r/SoloTravelRedditSolo Travel96000 readers
/r/CampingAndHikingRedditCamping297000 readers
/r/RoadTripRedditRoad Trips33500 readers
/r/TravelbloggingRedditBlogging2800 readers
/r/AwardTravelRedditAwards17 300 readers
Budget TravelRedditBudget Travel215 readers
Shoe String TravelRedditShoe String Travel48000 readers
Long term TavelRedditLong Term Travel6700 readers


Sharing on your Facebook page is a must, but how many of you share it on your profile? I bet not that much.

Your friends and family are some of your biggest supporters, so when I write something that might resonate with my direct friends I share it on my profile and my Facebook profile… It has also slowly amassed a good amount of travel and marketing related professionals so I know some people will probably enjoy any travel or marketing related content that I share..

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups for me are a goldmine, especially you’ve optimized your feed. There are thousands of groups for you to share your content, some of them really effective some of them not.

Pro Tip: don’t share your content straight off, share your blog links in comments, so much more effective and not as spammy.


It’s important that you grow your Twitter account  but don’t expect to get massive amounts of traffic from Twitter, its one of those platforms that you have to push and try pretty hard, but you can get some really decent traffic from it if you use the right hashtags, have a great tweet or just plain get lucky.

To increase those odds of getting lucky and because Twitter is someone sporadic and unpredictable it’s a good idea to put it in a scheduler to tweet it every month or 2.


Flipboard is a platform that shows blogs or articles as a magazine where you turn the pages. It’s fairly underutilized but a good way to get people to your website.

I’ve never been really good at getting thousands of people to my website from it, but my friend Jo does. She has got massive amounts of traffic from Flipboard that has crashed her site a few times in a good way. 🙂


I like Stumbleupon because if you create something that is really awesome it can bring traffic for a looooong time! The lifetime of a share or link is so much longer than the traffic sources mentioned above.


Pinterest is one the BEST platforms for generating traffic. Some travel websites and bloggers get more than 50% of their traffic from Pinterest, that’s more than most of the channels combined – except my favorite Google <3.

By joining some group boards and pinning all your content on Pinterest it can bring pretty long time rewards. It takes awhile (3 months) to kick in so be patient and then the traffic just increases and increases.

Here is a guide to optimizing and increasing Pinterest traffic to your travel blog.


Quora is a platform for helping people find answers to questions.

If you have a great blog post or are knowledgeable on certain topics then this is a great place to try and help people find answers and also drop some links to your blog or get them to come to your website. I’m fairly active on Quora, but I haven’t found it an amazing place to get traffic.


With almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day it’s a great way to try and get some traffic or grow your audience if you can get a tiny slice of the pie.

Whats nice about the video is that it can be repurposed and go on a lot of different sites, you not just limited to Youtube as most people put them on Fbook too.

Guest posting

Guest posting is mainly used for SEO nowadays because it’s a great way to get some links to your website but sometimes it can bring in some really nice trickles of traffic if used correctly.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of guest posting is interacting with other bloggers and website owners. You can make friends, share successes while increasing your authority of your blog through links.


There are hundreds and hundreds or micro niches with people talking about birding, 4x4ing or fishing. If you can offer value to readers and people on these forums you can funnel them to your blog.

Don’t be spammy though, no one likes spammers.


Influencers are people who are the authorities in their respective industry, these were maybe people who were in newspapers, magazines or on the TV but nowadays anyone can become an influencer, yup, even you.

So if you got some $$$ you can pay your way to the top and ask some influencer to share your blog or topics.


Instagram is not the best for getting tons of traffic to your blog, but hey you probably have an Instagram account anyway so you might as well put it to good use and throw a link in there.

It’s not exactly my fortay as Im a fairly private person and after getting my Insta accounts banned through automation I moved on from it, it was a HUGE mistake as it would have been a nice way to get brands to pay me some $$$ or get some free stuff.


Medium is a great place to share your content if you have something of value to share, it’s not exactly catered to travel but they implemented a new way where you can syndicate your content to it and give your fans and followers on Medium.


Not the greatest place to share your content because of its mainly for business related stuff and I don’t think anyone would appreciate about posting about backpacking, but they would appreciate maybe something about taking a career break or a sabbatical.


I left the best for last, SEO is how I’ve mainly got my traffic, I realized that it brings in about 70% of the traffic for most websites… It’s my favorite way to get traffic to your website, but don’t be fooled it’s perhaps the hardest.

Its super easy to share a 300 word article and post it in all the places I’ve used above, but you never gonna get to the top of Google with a 300 short and thin content.

Better is the enemy of best

SEO deserves a whole post by itself so I wrote the arguably the best post about travel SEO that would take your blog up a notch or ten – literally. 😛

The biggest takeaway from this post is that there are TONS of places to get traffic, I made a list of 200+ places you could get traffic that you can download below.

There is really no excuse to not get 100 people to each and every blog post from the very first day and a helluva lot more as you build your community.



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