Content Mine Strategy


  • Content Mine Strategy

    Starting at $49.00

    The competitor mine strategy requires you, as the client, to give us EITHER competitors or topics to mine.

    We will then mine either your competitor’s sites for keywords that appear on their site but not on yours, or we will mine topics similar to the ones you’ve given us. We produce easy-to-rank post topics for your site, based on data and expertise.

    This is ideal for clients who have run out of ideas for new content, or those who want to find the most effective topics to go after in their niche.

    We guarantee 10 topics that do not yet appear on your site. Then you can pick 3 of these topics and we’ll do keyword research on those - making it easier for you to write the content in an SEO-friendly manner.

    Turn around time: 5 – 7 days
    The metrics we look at are:

    • Domain Rating
    • Referring Domains
    • Traffic
    • Number of Words
    • Relevance


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